Inspection & Testing




Crannis Technology Services Ltd provides Electrical Installation Condition Reports as an essential part of ensuring compliance with electrical requirement of The Building Regulations – Part 4 & Part 7, The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and BS 7671 (The Wiring Regulations).

An electrical inspection, known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is essentially an MOT on your electrical installation, and is recommended for all installations.

Electrical safety is our highest priority, and electrical safety inspections are essential to ensure your property, domestic or commercial meets all electrical safety regulations and imposes no risk to users.

An electrical installation is a fixed wiring system made up of equipment, such as distribution boards, consumer units (fuse boxes), wiring, lighting and power circuits, and switches and sockets. An electrical installation does not include electrical appliances, such as cookers, heaters and machines.

Your electrics may look good on the outside, but cables, switches, socket-outlets and other equipment deteriorate with prolonged use, so they all need to be checked and necessary replacements or repairs made in good time.

Our detailed Electrical Inspection Report will provide you with:

  • Circuit identification and documentation
  • Fixed electrical wiring inspection and testing
  • Distribution Board, Circuit Breaker and RCD inspection and testing
  • Phase sequence & rotation (3-phase systems only)
  • Protection for safety and earthing arrangements
  • Functional testing and safe operation of accessories
  • Test report with observations and recommendations

The frequency of periodic inspection and testing must be determined taking into account:

  • Type of installation (Domestic / Commercial / Industrial)
  • Use and operation
  • Frequency and quality of maintenance
  • External influences to which it is subjected

We use specialist dedicated electrical inspection software to accurately record & document all electrical inspections to ensure a thorough inspection which is correctly assessed and graded accordingly, with a full detailed list of any observations supported with their associated regulation and a recommendation.

All electrical installations are inspected & tested to the latest BS 7671 wiring regulations and in accordance to IET Guidance Note 3 (GN3).  Inspection intervals typically range from 3 months – 10 years, 3 months for construction sites, 1 year for a high volume public accessible area (e.g. Cinema) and 10 Years for a domestic dwelling or change of occupancy – whichever is earlier.

All domestic properties are inspected & tested to Building Regulations Act 2000 Part 4 & Part 7.  All commercial & industrial premises are inspected & tested to the latest BS 7671 electrical regulationsElectrical Regulations at Work Act 1989 (EWR 1989) and Health & Safety (HSE) guidelines.

Our experienced electrical inspection engineers provide the best service by maintaining installations that are electrically safe, providing total peace of mind. We can even keep track of your inspections and notify you when you next electrical inspections become due. On occasions where standards are not met and rectification work is needed, we will provide a competitive quote along with an explanation of works needed.

To learn more or to book one of our Electrical Inspections please give us a call or contact us and we would be happy to assist.